For the customers who want to return items at Shopee, is there a way that we can return our items at Shopee in more easier and faster?
Sometimes after we place orders from Shopee, we receive the packages that are broken, spoil or even not match to what we have order from the store at Shopee. Then we will ask for refund for the damages. Some of the seller are agreed to receive back the packages from us and made a new order for compensation. Hence, we need to return the packages and items to the Shopee seller, but how?
Based on this website called Ginee, inside the website there is a well explanation on how we can return the items in Shopee as well as the terms and condition for us to return the items to the Shopee seller. I think we can refer to Shopee website, or this website that I have refer to — Ginee Malaysia.
From the article, it stated few steps on how to return an order:

  1. Click “Me” in Shopee App and look for your order in “To Receive.” Click your order, at the bottom of the Return Page, click “Return / Refund”.
  2. Choose the items that we want to return.
  3. In “My Purchases” page, select “To receive.” and will be directed to “View Purchase History” page, where can click “Return/Refund”.
  4. Select the product that you want to return to the seller, and click “Submit.”

These are the information that I have referred to the article I mentioned. I hope this information helps you all