There are a lot of courier services available in Malaysia nowadays. The rapid growth of e-commerce, online selling and shopping have bring a huge impact for the courier services in Malaysia.
Why I say so? You can see that during the pandemic, online shopping has become more and more popular and normal. Sometimes, customer can even buy huge amount of orders per day. Online shopping has become a trend and Malaysian has getting it addicted. Not during the pandemic, but before the pandemic, some Malaysian also choose to buy online as it is very easy to get their orders by just staying at home and no need to get a long queue in the shop.
Because of this, courier services in Malaysia has a rapid growth as well. As the sellers need to send their orders to the customer which help them to save the time on delivery and solve the problem on sending many orders to the customers that stay in different areas. The courier services that used in Malaysia included Pos Laju, J&T Express, NinjaVan, Grab Express and more.