There are multiple software that you can use for your online business in Malaysia. The software I mean here is the software or solution that you can use to manage all your online stores more efficient. It is known as a centralized system or one stop solution that can helps you to set up and manage your online stores easily. When we have multiple online stores and we need to log in one by one each of the account is time consuming right, plus we need to check the data and details of the products from different account separately. If yes, why not we search for a better way to manage our online stores more easily and efficiently?

I am here to recommend you guys who have multiple online stores, just try to use a system to integrate all your online stores together, so this save your time to manage your online stores. As I have experienced this before, which I feel really time consuming for me to manage one by one of my seller account. Until my friend recommended me a solution ó  Ginee that really helps me to solve the problem. I just here to share my thoughts to you guys and letís grow our business together Good luck!