Due to the rapid growth of online selling and shopping, e-commerce arenow become very popular. In Malaysia, most of the name that we can hear and seewhen comes to e-commerce is Shopee and Lazada. For me, I have a Shopee andLazada store.

When I have opened two of my online stores in Shopeeand Lazada, I need to manage of these stores at a same time to upload products,manage orders and inventory. I felt slow and difficult to manage both of myShopee and Lazada stores, hence I try to search for a solution that actuallycan help me to solve this issue.

Then I found multiple system online and finally I foundone that looks good for me, which called Ginee.I try to use it and I think it is quite suitable for me to manage my Shopee andLazada stores. It is useful, I no need to log in one by one to my both onlinestores anymore!