Hi Apa Kahbar semua sekalian??

Minyak naik, barang naik, apa naik. Tak ada kereta tak boleh jugak nak cari makan, tapi minyak mahal jugak. TAK BOLEH TAHAN JUGAK!!!

DIsini nak bagi tahu barang ni boleh bantu kamu untuk jimat minyak kereta.

Senang: You tengok video ini you boleh tahu :

Benefits :
1. Save fuel: by frequency, voltage regulator, two-way adjustment, to reduce fuel consumption, the saving rate will be up to 5% -30%!
2. Enhance power: the power output per hour increases by more than 10-15 percent and continue to improve resulting in significantly faster test speed, power increase, ability to climbing easier, better maneuverability that will ensure that you enjoy the thrill of speed.
3. Low-carbon environment: significant reduction in exhaust carbon monoxide, less hydrocarbons than the original 22% -35%, which is close to European standards. With the low carbon emission, the engine runs smoother and quieter while the smoke emitted decrease considerably.
4. Interior air purification: Built-in Car Ionizers device generates a concentration of 800 per million negative ions per cubic centimeter creating “air vitamins”, which eliminate car smell, refreshes the air, eliminates driver fatigue!
5. Higher Maneuverability: it improves the experience of the car driving phenomenon, has gears shift more smoothly, reducing idle jitter phenomenon – overall the vehicle will drive more smoothly.
6. Remove carbon deposits: effectively improves the dynamic performance. Its long-term use clears the cylinder of carbon, which in turn reduces vehicle’s wear and tear.
7. The detection circuit: it offers automatic control of circuits and warns of electrical problems. Whenever there is a problem it will be indicated by a red light, so you could become aware and have it checked.

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