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Thread: [MULTI] Lynda AutoCAD 2013 Essential Training

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    [MULTI] Lynda AutoCAD 2013 Essential Training

    The set includes these listed titles:

    AutoCAD Essentials 1: Interface and Drawing Management
    Launching AutoCAD
    Accessing the tools
    Saving a workspace
    Monitoring the status bar
    Understanding the anatomy of a command
    Opening a drawing
    Zooming, panning, and regenning
    Working in a multiple document environment
    Saving your work
    AutoCAD Essentials 2: Drawing Fundamentals
    Constructing lines
    Defining a unit of measure
    Locking to geometry with object snaps
    Drawing rectangles, circles, and polygons
    Applying hatch patterns
    Moving, copying, and rotating objects
    Erasing elements
    Undoing and redoing actions
    AutoCAD Essentials 3: Editing and Organizing Drawings
    Adding and removing from selections
    Stretching elements
    Creating mirrored copies
    Leveraging grips
    Editing hatch patterns
    Using layers to organize a drawing
    Changing layer states
    Understanding the BYLAYER property
    Taking measurements
    Automating calculations with the Quick Calculator
    Constructing a multi-view part
    AutoCAD Essentials 4: Annotating a Drawing
    Creating single-line text
    Justifying text
    Controlling appearance with styles
    Creating bulleted and numbered lists
    Annotating with multiline text
    Correcting spelling errors
    Creating continuous and baseline dimensions
    Creating and modifying multileaders
    AutoCAD Essentials 5: Working with References
    Inserting blocks
    Building a block library
    Creating a link to a DWG file
    Controlling the appearance of referenced drawings
    Choosing between attach and overlay
    Binding references
    Clipping images
    Sizing images
    AutoCAD Essentials 6: Sharing Drawings with Others
    Creating quick plots
    Choosing line weights
    Organizing layouts
    Sizing text, dimensions, and multileaders using the Annotative property
    Changing a drawing's plot scale
    Creating custom scales
    Plotting to PDF and DWF
    Packaging and sending drawings using eTransmit


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    program pembelajaran ke?

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    baguih2 ni..
    tp bile dah blajar ni, gi la wat test ngn AutoDesk plak..
    nnti dapat certificate dari AutoDesk.. =)
    aku dah ade, yuran exam rm300...

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    tt, kalau ada AutoDesk AutoCAD MEP & AutoDesk Revit MEP upload la skali...

  6. 23-03-14, 05:18 AM

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    ada software autocad yg dah crack tak

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